Fill the sky with a butterfly release of beautiful Monarch butterflies, Painted Lady butterflies, or, in Florida, our Florida native mixture of butterflies, and make your wedding or other special occasion truly a memorable event.

As the bride and groom exit the church or reception, releasing a flight of Monarch or Painted Lady butterflies instead of throwing birdseed or confetti will create a lasting memory of the event for bride, groom and wedding guest alike. Inside the State of Florida, we offer as an option our beautiful Florida native mixture butterfly release which includes Monarch butterflies complimented by other species (as available). For butterfly releases in states outside Florida, we offer Monarch butterflies (east of continental divide) and Painted Lady butterflies for release.

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Local: Pinellas/Hillsborough (727) 381-1932

Please excuse the current brevity of our temporary website page as the company we host our website on upgraded its software and our older html would no longer function. We are in the process of a rebuild. Please call or send us an email by clicking on this link. Use "Butterfly Release" as your subject line. Thank you.

Pricing for Monarch Butterflies 

(shipped to states east of continental divide).

1-2 dozen Monarch butterflies @ $96.00 per dozen

3-5 dozen Monarch butterflies @ $90.00 per dozen

7 dozen and over @ $81.00 per dozen

(additional butterflies available)

Free personalized release envelopes included

Painted Lady Butterfly Special: 

$99.00 for 3 dozen butterflies (36)

60 Painted Lady Butterflies @ $150.00

100 Painted Lady Butterflies @ $250.00

(additional butterflies available)

Free personalized release envelopes included

Call for availability of our Florida Mixture.
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Florida Monarch Butterfly Farm has been in operation since 1996. We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida.